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Truth in Lending Disclosure

Federal Truth in Lending Act (T.I.L.A) Disclosure

Regulation B in Federal Law prohibits the consideration of Age, Sex, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, National Origin, or Handicap as a basis for making anyone a loan (as in our cash advance). Qwik Cash Loans, through its website does not discriminate based on any of these factors. In addition Qwik Cash LOANS will not enter into or maintain vendor/reciprocal information service type relationships with anyone who does not conform to these anti-discriminatory practices.

Regulation Z in Federal Law requires the full disclosure of all costs and terms associated with any credit purchase or transaction (such as this cash advance) and further requires that the costs associated with the transaction be expressed as an annual percentage rate of interest or A.P.R. Below all costs, terms and rates associated with the Qwik Cash LOANS cash advance or payday advance programs are given.

Pursuant to Utah Law, the services provided for cashing a check are considered a Deferred Presentment Loan, and as such, all fees are defined accordingly. In the event this transaction is within the broad scope of 15 U.S.C. 1601 et seq., we are providing you with the Truth in Lending Disclosures set forth below solely for your information. This document is for disclosure purposes only and does not affect the character of the fee or transaction under Utah Law.

Qwik Cash LOANS provides short-term cash advances or payday advances in which your check is held for deposit until your next payday, unless your next payday is less than 7 days away. In this case your check will be held until your second payday. The maximum advance term is 30 days.

With a cash advance you are charged a flat fee no matter when your advance is repaid (subject to the 30 day maximum term). Because the fees are fixed per advance amount, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will vary depending on the number of days that pass between the date you receive your advance and the day your check is deposited. You may be entitled to a prorated refund depending on the date of payment.

Although cash advances are for short-term needs and are intended to be paid off quickly, various Truth-in-Lending laws require financing disclosures to be expressed as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR), or the cost of the credit advanced to you expressed as an annual rate. This requirement provides uniformity among various credit sources, so you can compare rates and make the choice that is right for you.

Please review your loan documents for details on rates, disclosures, truth in lending or contact information for your lender. QwikCashLoans is a matching service that puts borrowers like yourself, in contact with lenders. Your lender will provide you with documents detailing all information you require. Please contact your lender with any questions.